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The EcoNomicSday is a workshop series for front-line research in public and political economy. Leading-edge economists are invited to present their latest research projects in depth, and discuss and exchange with invited scholars, advanced students, and researchers from the ENS de Lyon. The past editions of this event have attracted presenting scholars from Harvard Business School, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and many other prestigious institutions.


Present your research 

The Department of Economics and Center for Economic Research on Governance, Inequality and Conflict welcomes scholars and academic scientists to present their latest research projects at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. For presentation inquiries please reach out to economieatens-lyon [dot] fr (economie[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr).


September 2023

14 Thursday

Workshop on Advanced Methods for Data Collection and Use

From Thu, 14 September 2023 to Fri, 15 September 2023

June 2023

15 Thursday
Political leaders

11th EcoNomicS day

From Thu, 15 June 2023 to Fri, 16 June 2023

December 2022

14 Wednesday
Gender economics

10th EcoNomicS day

From Wed, 14 December 2022 to Thu, 15 December 2022

June 2022

07 Tuesday
From Tue, 07 June 2022 to Wed, 08 June 2022

June 2021

21 Monday
Mon, 21 June 2021

07 Monday
Mon, 07 June 2021

May 2020

05 Tuesday

March 2020

27 Friday
Fri, 27 March 2020

02 Monday
Health economics

4th EcoNomicS day

Mon, 02 March 2020

November 2019

22 Friday
Social media economics

3rd EcoNomicS day

Fri, 22 November 2019

May 2019

14 Tuesday
Taxation and inequality

2nd EcoNomicS day

Tue, 14 May 2019

February 2019

15 Friday
Political economy of migration

1st EcoNomicS day

Fri, 15 February 2019