Internships and exchanges

Add valuable experience to your profile

The Department of Economics encourages students to complete at least one internship, exchange, or scientific stay during their academic program. The experience enables the students to:


  • explore their interests and clarify their career goals, 
  • develop knowledge and competencies, 
  • establish a network of professional contacts, mentors and references, and 
  • gain valuable experience that employers look for when hiring recent graduates. 

For students interested in acquiring international experience, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon has bilateral agreements with 200 partner universities around the world. In addition, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon is part of multiple mobility and learning programs including but not limited to Erasmus+, CREPUQ, BCI and ORA.


Do you want to know more?
Consult the Office of International Affairs (in French).

Wether the student is interested in an academic or professional internship, the Department of Economics assists our students to obtain internships in their domain of interest. Discover below a selection of the private, public and non-governmental organizations that has opened up their doors to our students. 


For students interested in academia, the Department of Economics assists our students to obtain scientific stays in globally recognized establishments. Discover below a selection of universities and business school that has taken in our students.