Undergraduate program

Pre-master program in Economics

Undergraduate program in economics

The undergraduate program, pre-master, aims to develop fundamental knowledge in economics. The program introduces the student to microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, mathematics, statistics, and the foundations of academic research.

The program is designed to combine theoretic learnings with practical application. The quantitative and qualitative skills acquired throughout the programme will allow the student to analyze the complex decision process of individuals, firms, and governments, and holistically comprehend how these decisions in their aggregated form affect society.


Only candidates wishing to obtain the Diplôme de l'ENS de Lyon, can be admitted to the pre-master program in economics. For information on the admission procedure, please consult the following link.  



Admitted students are required to pay registration and tuition fees. Please do note that the registration and tuition fees do not cover accommodation, academic literature or the general cost of living. Read more about registration an enrollment

Semester 1: 

UE1 - A | Foundations of economics 
UE2 - B | Applied economics

Semester 2: 

UE2 - A | Foundations of economics 
UE2 - B | Applied economics

The undergraduate program prepares the student for continuous studies. It equips the student with the knowledge and skills required to pursue studies in selective master's degree programs. It also provides the student with the prerequisites for entry level positions at public authorities and in the public administration, banks and other financial firms, in policy organisations, think tanks, consulting firms, et cetera, both in France and internationally. 

Job titles include:

  • Assistant administrator 
  • Financial assistant