Postgraduate program

PhD program in Economics

Postgraduate program in economics

The postgraduate program is the most advanced program of graduate studies. It consists of a three to five years employment contract under which the Department of Economics selects and hires a student to undertake studies in a specific field. The student benefits from one of the world's highest faculty-to-student ratio, individual tutoring, and is provided access to a wide range of facilities, such as own desk/office space, computing equipment, and access to a wide range of softwares and databases.  


The admission is dependent on student profile. For information on student profiles, how to apply and what documentation to submit, please consult the following link.  


Eligibility requirements

Academic requirements 

  • A Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) and a Master's degree (120 ECTS) in economics, econometrics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, or related subject, from an internationally recognised university. Also required is a solid knowledge of advanced mathematics and statistics.


Language requirements 

  • Proficiency in English equivalent to the CEFR C1 level. This requirement can be met either by achieving the required score on an internationally recognised test, or by previous studies in English. Detailed instructions on how to provide evidence of your English proficiency are available here.



Candidates are selected based on a a cumulative assessment of previous academic result, and the relevance of previous studies in relation to the program. 



Admitted students are required to pay registration and tuition fees. Please do note that the registration and tuition fees do not cover accommodation, academic literature or the general cost of living. Read more about registration an enrollment

The PhD curriculum is individually customised so to build on the candidates prior knowledge and needs.

In addition to the formal course work required, the PhD students is required to participate in scientific workshops and seminars. The Department encourages PhD students to attend national and international conferences, present papers at workshops and scholarly meetings, and to publish their research.

The PhD student can gain teaching experience by enrolling in a course specifically designed for training in the teaching of economics, assisting in undergraduate courses, and by teaching their own smaller courses.

The postgraduate program in Economics prepares the student for highly qualified analytical work in academic, at research institutes, public authorities and policy organizations, in the public administration, at banks and other financial institutes. 

Job titles include:

  • University professor
  • Research engineer
  • Expert policy advisor 
  • Expert financial advisor