Nicolas LE TOUX

2019/2020: Second year student in the graduate program

"When I arrived at the ENS de Lyon, my professional project was not yet finalized. However, I knew that I was interested in a career as a senior civil servant. Since society focused studies are highly valuable in public service, I chose to study economics. Economics is indeed theoretically challenging, of practical use, and versatile as topic.  

The courses offered at the Department of Economics, and in particular the courses in applied economics, helped me to clarify my professional interests. Through them, I have for example discovered that I have a strong interest in the topic of ethnicity and conflict - a dynamic field of research that touches both economics and political science. In addition, the Department of Economics helped me to obtain a visiting student position at the University of Chicago and the Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts. This visiting experience has been a strong contributing factor to my learning curve, and for which I am very grateful to the Department of Economics.   

In my training, I had also the opportunity to carry through two internships. In the summer of 2018, I joined the political chancellery of the French Embassy in Togo. During this internship, I assisted the ambassador and the embassy's advisors in monitoring political news, writing speeches and organizing events. In 2019, I joined the 'Inspection Générale des Finances', a French interdepartmental auditing and supervisory body who's mission is to oversee, audit, analyze, and evaluate services in administrative, economic, and financial matters. During this internship, as a mission assistant, I assisted in the creation of public policy evaluation reports. An enriching experience which allowed me to mobilize the theoretical skills learned at the ENS de Lyon in a practical context."