2019/2020: Second year student in the graduate program

"I arrived to ENS de Lyon in 2016 with the desire to study social sciences. Yet, I did not really know which discipline to specialize in. 

During my first years of master's studies, whilst being enrolled as a sociology student, I was able to benefit from a rigorous training in economics. It proved to be a passion for me. And in particular network economics - a field of economics that intertwines economics with sociology. 

Thanks to the Department of Economics, I was able to integrate the prestigious Harvard University for a one-year stay. This experience allowed me to further specialize in network economics and provided me with the privilege of being supervised by one of the world's leading specialists in the area.

At ENS de Lyon, and in particular the Department of Economics, I appreciate the proximity with the professors. I am also highly grateful to the commitment of the Department of Economics in helping their students with their different projects."